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Frequently Asked Questions

To apply, simply download the Collegestreet App from the Google Play Store. Launch the app and link your Facebook account and you will be ready to start using the service.
The entire process can be completed in no time! Once you complete our short application and accept the loan offer provided, your information is reviewed, and a loan decision is typically provided within minutes. If approved, funds will be received within a few moments of the application process being completed.
Requirements are simple - all you need to apply is your Facebook account, identification details, and the proper financial account. We will also request access to the contacts on your phone in order determine your eligibility.
At the moment, we do not provide customer support by phone number or in person. Please send us a message via the app any time, and we will help you resolve whatever issue you may have.
No, Collegestreet is not a bank. We do not receive deposits from the general public nor do we offer savings or current accounts.
Approved loans are sent to the school account with your information.
If you do not pay your loan within, your loan will default and a default fee will be added to your loan. More importantly, there are several other consequences if your loan defaults: 1 ) Numbers in your call contact are notified that you have not paid your loan 2) Our loan recovery team will track you down to collect payment 3) You are reported to the credit bureaus which affects your ability to get a loan from any bank or money lenders
Collegestreet uses Facebook as a supplementary tool to confirm your identity.